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Board of Honor

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Honor list

ِAmin basheir elnefedy

Elhade Mohamed Ali
Bahaer Eldeen Abdalla

Abdelhameed Yagoub {for samia Yagoub )

Wesal abdelal

Dr Ibrahim Ibrahim

Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim

 Nasur Awad

Mutali Fadol

Osama Abdelmajed

Farahat Mohamed Sayed family

 Mohyeldin Yousef Ali  

Hashem Ali Jelas


ِFakher Elden Idress Abushama
Eltayeb Elhasan
Mutaz Diddig Elemam

Jamal Haroun

Mohamed Abdelgane Jereas

Dr Osman Elnour Bahar

Ahmedm Kambal

Dr Abureeda Ali Akarem

Kamaleldeen Elzeen Mahmoud

Ibrahim Hamed

cousins supermarket
Abdelaziz Gasem


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